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 data recovery

Computer Forensic

Looking for fraudulent computer manipulation...

Computer forensic

With the computer technologies' evolution, is the digital information increasingly used by business' and companies.

Frauds can be computer intrusion, industrial espionage, data theft, companies espionage, non authorised copy, print not to say removal of files on and to company's foreigner server.

Working on the concerned data medium, hard disk, memory stick or else, it is possible to find traces of every manipulation that was made. For example the date of modification and/or removal of a file, the Internet use , the destination of the Websites visited, the volume of data that are contained or downloaded on the data medium, etc. Our experts are able to find informations so as pictures, office automation documents, cookies, memorised passwords, installed softwares, emails, sent or received SMS, or emails address.

In order to to that, our experts are working from the concerned data medium, hard disk, memory stick or every data medium that contains computer informations.